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Tips from the Field

Want to know what other Extended Day educators are doing? Have a problem in your program and need a solution?

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Afterschool is a perfect setting for boosting language learning for English language learners, and for all kids.

When staff connect well with each other, work time is more enjoyable, and that spills over into working better with the kids. Provide opportunities for staff to bond early in the year.

By the time students reach high school, they have well-established interests. Allowing students to align their interests with your activities will increase a student's motivation to work on the projects.

Homework time is part of most afterschool programs, and too often, it’s more a problem area than opportunity for learning.

“Community partnerships are resources for programs—through funding, advocacy, providing volunteers and mentors, creating internships, and connecting children with local leaders. Kids are powerful for outreach.”

Research in afterschool indicates that older youth want their time to count. They want programming to be relevant for them either now or in the near future. Older youth also look for opportunities to connect with peers and flexible program hours.

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